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R | O Collect

R|O Collect is a Community Association Assessment Recovery Service supervised by the attorneys at Richardson|Ober. This is our community association assessment recovery portal where clients can login to access their accounts and documents at any time.

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Community Association Assessment Recovery Services

R|O Collect is our attorney-supervised Community Association Assessment Recovery Service using a judicial foreclosure method for delinquent HOA fees. We understand that community associations depend upon its members paying their assessments on time. Our efficient and professional assessment recovery program, R|O Collect, handles the uncomfortable task of collecting assessments from your neighbors and provides quick and cost-effective results. Our goal is to recover delinquent assessments and reduce the financial hardship caused by delinquent assessment payments. R|O Collect is an innovative, online, attorney-driven assessment recovery program that provides you with real-time status updates of your collection accounts anytime, anywhere.

What sets us apart from other collection programs is that we operate on a deferred-fee basis—we bill hourly for our services but payment of our legal fees is deferred. The homeowners association does not pay any fees up front. At the conclusion of each collection matter, our fees are added to the total amount due from the delinquent owner, and our fees come from the delinquent owner.

Once an association engages the R|O Collect program, its matters are assigned to a Collections Manager who monitors the progress of a file from beginning to end, and who serves as the primary point of contact for questions which are not of a legal nature. New delinquency matters are quickly and easily uploaded to the site and are immediately forwarded, electronically, to the designated Collections Manager supervising your association’s matters. Questions of a legal nature are handled by the Richardson|Ober attorney assigned to your association.