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Business Litigation

The first goal of most clients, and Richardson|Ober LLP, is not litigation. Richardson|Ober attorneys understand that a peaceful, mutually beneficial resolution to a disagreement is the preferred goal, whether between parties to a contract, neighbors, or another relationship. Unfortunately at times, litigation becomes unavoidable. Sometimes a party files suit against the client before we have the chance to try to find a reasonable middle ground. Other times, despite the best efforts to resolve a dispute, and all other reasonable options have been explored and exhausted, the final alternative is to seek the assistance of a court or arbitrator to give the client justice.

Most cases settle. Cases that do not settle typically continue to court for one of several most common reasons:

  • One side knows something the other doesn’t
  • One side understands the applicable law and the other doesn’t
  • Emotional interests are prevailing over businesslike considerations
  • There is a larger reason for not settling which has less to do with the dispute than how it will affect something else

If both sides of a dispute have the same information, and experienced lawyers (and occasionally experts) understand the strengths and weaknesses of their position, the case should settle.

When a matter cannot be reasonably settled, Richardson|Ober has the capacity to handle that dispute efficiently and effectively for the client. All of the firm’s attorneys are comfortable and experienced in the courtroom. Founder, Kelly G. Richardson is an Associate Member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, an elite organization of veteran trial attorneys.

Richardson|Ober will not promise any outcome, but will deliver its best efforts, analysis and advice, all tailored to the size, complexity and significance of the litigation, and to the client’s needs… and if the best business strategy is to settle and not spend legal dollars fighting a weak or unduly expensive case, the firm’s attorneys will not hesitate to give the advice that is best for the client.

Major litigation projects are staffed with one partner, one or more associates, and a paralegal.

“It’s so nice working with an attorney that is just like us and we can understand.”

"Matt’s expertise interpreting HOA law, along with his creativity, accessibility, and communicative skill sets has been an asset to my clients for over twenty years."

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