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Fair Housing in Residential Real Estate


The "HOA" - What the Realtor REALLY Needs to Know

Over 1/3 of Californians already live or work in common interest developments, and almost all new housing is in the form of the "HOA." The many topics include: Understanding the peculiarities of the four different forms of HOAs, why the governing documents are important and how they work, knowing how to evaluate the HOA, and understanding why condominium appraisals are almost always incomplete. This presentation will involve 75-80 minutes of prepared remarks and 10-15 minutes of audience questions. Extensive handouts will be available for download. PFAR legal counsel Kelly G. Richardson also enjoys a national reputation among HOA attorneys, and authors a weekly column on HOA law in 14 newspapers.

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Property Lines, Easements and Encroachment Disputes

Discussion regarding various property line issues including adverse possession, prescriptive easements, encroachments, the "Good Neighbor Fence" law" and other subjects regarding boundary line disputes. Prepared remarks will consume 50 minutes, 10 minutes will be reserved for audience questions.

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